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Here are example situations when stakeholder input is crucial for our clients to explore and advance complex / contentious topics and thus our clients team up with us:

Comprehension of external stakeholders is crucial,

  • when product launches & label extentions are prepared,

  • when a companion diagnostic needs to be implemented in routine clinical care,

  • when new research data (yours or competitive) may impact the market,

  • when your reasoning in health technology assessments is to be crosschecked from the point of view of routine clinical care and from the vantage point of opinion leaders.

WILLWATER Advisoryboard

WILLWATER Marketaccess

Inclusion of internal stakeholders from other functions is crucial,

  • when a new market is to be entered (e.g. a new therapeutic area) and a crossfunctional plan is to be made and aligned on,

  • when functional territories are to be carved out anew or clarified,

  • when routine business planning should add to strategy creation,

  • when organisational units need to be reshaped in response to market changes or hierarchical order, e.g. reshaping the salesforce.


WILLWATER Crossplanning

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